A Reunited Swan Couple Form the Shape of a Heart With Their Heads After Being Separated for Weeks

Swan Heart Reunite

After being separated for several weeks, a newly reunited swan couple in Dordrecht, Netherlands immediately swam toward one another. As soon as they reached each other, the pair nuzzled each other, forming the shape of a heart as their heads touched. The female of the pair had taken ill with a case of botulism and was treated off site with the help of a volunteer at the animal rescue organization Dierenbescherming

Highlighting the strength of emotions the birds have for one another, the recovering female headed straight for its partner when she was released back into the water by animal rescue workers. The bird had fallen ill with botulism, a food poisoning caused by bacteria-produced in toxins, and around three weeks earlier could barely lift her head. …With only a few exceptions, once swans have courted they are bonded for life.

Another instance of this show of love happened in Ireland when the pair were reunited after a few weeks. The male had swallowed a fish hook that had gotten lodged in his esophagus. The Kildare Animal Foundation stepped in to help the bird, necessitating a separation of the couple.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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