Respiro Del Diavolo, A Spicy Hot Pepper Ice Cream That Requires a Signed Release Before Consuming

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The Aldwych Café, an award winning casual restaurant and ice cream parlor in Cardonald, Glasgow, Scotland, has created an incredibly spicy hot ice cream named “Respiro Del Diavolo“. This highly descriptive name comes from the Carolina Reaper peppers, which that are mixed into the creamy base, creating a measurement of approximately 1,569,500 Scoville heat units which is nearly 500 times hotter than Tabasco sauce. This seasonal flavor is so strong that the management requires those brave souls who are over 18 years old wishing to partake, to sign a release form that holds the café free of any liability upon eating the “world’s most dangerous ice cream“.

It might be cold outside but our brand new limited edition “Respiro Del Diavolo” will be sure to warm you up with just one spoonful. Handmade in our Cardonald Ice Cream Parlor with great caution this ice cream is so hot that you must be 18 years old and sign a disclaimer before we can hand it over.

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