Rescued Squirrel Inspects Every Piece of His Human’s Beautiful Custom Jewelry

A rescued baby squirrel named Charlie enjoyed going to work with his human, custom wedding band jeweler Todd Alan who allowed him to inspect every ring before it went out to the customer.

Whatever I’m working on whatever I’m doing with my hands, he wants to be part of. So he has to smell it, taste it, look at it, touch it. He’s very bright. He looks you right in the eyes. He’s really affectionate. He’s got a lot more personality than you would ever think from squirrel.

A neighbor of Alan’s found Charlie in the street as a tiny baby. Alan took him in, raised him with the intention of eventually releasing him back to the wild. But they enjoyed his company while they could.

We started caring for him. I had to bottle feed him every 3 hours through the night …we spent a lot of time together he was just really sweet and would just sit and fall asleep on me. He’s running around a lot. …I was surprised at how attached to me he became. He literally just wants to be with me. He grows incredibly fast he’s more to handle.

Alan Knew When Charlie Was Ready to Leave


What happened to Charlie – our quality control specialist? #ringmaking

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I didn’t raise Charlie to be a pet. I raised Charlie to save his life. He was an injured abandoned small squirrel. He’s gotten big and …we released him into the wild. And he was gone for like two days and then he came back and I’ve been seeing Charlie almost every day. He comes up and still plays with me…It wasn’t right to keep Charlie enclosed.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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