Rescued Pigeon Fetches Random Items Like a Dog

An adorable Old German Owl pigeon named Evelyn, who was adopted from Great Lakes Pigeon Rescue, is so attached to his human Morgan that he fetches random items from around the house like a dog to make a nest for both of them.

Sometimes he’ll bring things to me for my nest, which is on my bed. He will bring me ponytails and scraps of paper he finds laying around. ….He tries to pull my charging cord out of the wall. He thinks that’s good nesting material. He just wants me to sit with him and I can’t be there all of the time. So then he thinks that the nest isn’t good enough and he’ll go somewhere else and be like ‘look at this nest here.’

Evelyn was thought to be a female when he was first adopted, however, subsequent DNA tests showed that he was indeed male. Morgan said that she decided to keep the name he was given, although he also answers to “Chicken”.

He was really chill from the start and rescue thought that he was a girl and so I assumed he was a girl and named him Evelyn. I later did a DNA test and found out that he was a boy. I just didn’t feel like changing his name.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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