Rescued Munchkin Cat Greets Her Humans With ‘Hello’

An absolutely adorable rescued ragdoll munchkin cat named Nonna greets her beloved human Haley with a hello meow every day.

She’s so unique when we first adopted her she would just squeak she wouldn’t really eat meow very properly and now she does this sound which it literally sounds like she’s saying hello.

Munchkin Cat Nonna Hello

Nonna came from really difficult beginnings, having been removed from a hoarding situation in Louisiana.

A mass boarding situation was found in Louisiana they found about 30 cats in this house. It was a breeder who had been put into assisted living. Her son turned up at this rescue with cats in the car. They were estimating that, with that kind of situation, of it being really just quite an intense breeder. She could have had up to three litters a year for eight years.

Despite her rough start in life, Nonna is a happy, well-adjusted cat who copies everything that her adopted feline sister Stevie does, especially when going down the stairs.

They play with each other and Nonna is the little sister even though she could be up to four years older than Stevie. She’s always copying Stevie they’ll both stand like meerkats for treats because of their little legs …everyone loves their little stair hops I feel like she’s learned it off Stevie. Nonna is the biggest copycat…I have different feelings towards them but I love them both so much.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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