Rescued Elder Cat Is Granted His Final Wish of Going Outside Again

An ailing senior cat named Caleb, who was cruelly tossed into a trash can, was given a loving home with Michelle Klein and her family at Peaceful Mountain Sanctuaries in Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania. While they didn’t expect him to survive the night after he was rescued, he showed great tenacity and strength, thriving for ten months under their gentle care.

Caleb came to me abandoned, sick and old. He was not expected to survive. 10 months later, he passed away.

As Caleb was nearing the end of his life, he began to look out the windows, something he hadn’t done before. Michelle believed that he wanted to go outside again and so she granted his final wish.

Suddenly he started hanging out near the doors and looking out the windows. Michelle realized that his final wish in life was to go outside again. So for a whole week, Michelle took Caleb out on walks and he enjoyed every minute of exploring.

Caleb survived for a week before peacefully passing away. He left behind a beautiful legacy of hope, particularly for Michelle.

He left behind a legacy for those who knew him. In a world full of hate, anger and hopelessness, Caleb was a beautiful example of love, forgiveness and hope.

Rescued Elder Cat Final Wish

The Peaceful Mountain Cat Sanctuary provides care for feral and stray cats across Pennsylvania. Sadly, this work is expensive and they are raising money through GoFundMe.