Renegade Accordionist Nathan Stodola Performs With Boba Fett Helmet

Nathan Stodola as Boba Fett, Union Square NYC Sept. 2009

PBS television channel, THIRTEEN, featured “renegade accordionist” Nathan Stodola in their documentary series New York on the Clock. Nathan is known for wearing a homemade Boba Fett helmet and playing familiar songs on his accordion, like Carry On Wayward Son and Come On Eileen, as a professional New York City street musician. You can find more songs he’s covered on his Youtube page.

Boba Fett-masked accordion player Nathan Stodola more or less supports himself busking sci-fi theme songs near the Highline and Washington Square Park while pursuing a graduate degree in engineering from Columbia.

We first wrote about him earlier this year in the post, Boba Fett Playing The “Lost Woods” Song From Zelda on an Accordion.

Carry On Wayward Son originally by Kansas

Come On Eileen originally by Dexy’s Midnight Runners

photo by CS Muncy