Remote Control Bus Stop Rave Flash Mob

This just in…a Remote Control Bus Stop Rave Flash Mob will take place this Friday, September 21st at 9pm in San Francisco. Here’s more info from the organizer:

Greetings fellow humans!

This Friday, September 21, starting at 9PM, there will be a remote control bus stop rave flash mob. Someone set up a music rig (hidden in the eaves of the bus stop) that goes off when someone sits in the bus stop or walks in front of it. Join the mob, it will be fun.

– Bus stop at the corner of Haight and Fillmore in SF (headed west)
CLICK HERE to see a map

– Friday, September 21, 9:00 PM

– When the music and lights start, go to the bus stop and dance.
– When the music stops, vacate the bus shelter,
– Be friendly to passer-bys and locals. Encourage them to dance.
. Eventually, as the night goes on and we all become more intoxicated, this will evolve from a flash mob into a more of a bus stop rave.

Bring your friends. It really is a lot of fun to party in bus stop that has its own sound system.

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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