Red Pop, A Camera Shutter Release Button for iPhone

Red Pop iPhone Camera Button

Red Pop iPhone Camera Button

Red Pop is an attachment for iPhone that brings the speed and enjoyment of a shutter release button to the phone’s camera function. UK design firm Beep Industries is currently developing Red Pop for commercial release, and raising funds for the project on Kickstarter.

We are huge iPhone fans and love the iPhoneography culture that has grown around the product – so much so that, like many others, we’ve stopped carrying our digital cameras with us and now use our iPhones to capture and share photos of our everyday lives as well as big events like birthdays, bake-offs and baby Joe-Joe’s first steps.

However, the experience of using a camera phone isn’t perfect. It feels like something’s missing from the photo taking experience and it’s frustrating that shots are missed when you have to play ‘hunt the fire button’. In our experience, and from what people we have told us, this is a real frustration of taking photos on the otherwise awesome iPhone 4.

So we had an idea – let’s bring the button back! To us, buttons are beautiful, an invitation that screams out ‘c’mon press me’. Red Pop’s design is rooted in the now but with a subtle and respectful nod to the beautiful and iconic cameras of the past.