An Incredible Outstretched Bald Eagle Sculpture Made Out of Steel, Foam, and 50 Recycled Tires

Innovative mixed media artist Blake McFarland of BM Sculptures crafted an incredibly detailed bald eagle sculpture with outspread wings out of strategically placed steel, foam, and recycled tires. According to McFarland, this incredible piece required 50 recycled tires and stretches six feet across.

I created a 6’ wingspan Bald Eagle out of recycled tires, steel and foam. I first welded a steel armature throughout the body. I fabricated an axe head into the beak of the eagle and complimented the mirrored look with the claws and eyes. I sculpted the inner structure of the eagle out of foam, then fiberglassed everything in for durability. I used around 50 recycled tires in order to complete the eagle.

The eagle will be displayed in Calgary, Canada.

This sculpture will be permanently displayed at ‘Nothing But Tires’ in Calgary, Canada.

via The Awesomer