An Incredibly Realistic Cat Head Made From Felted Wool Created in Memory of a Beloved Rescued Feline

Wakuneco, a Japanese materials artist who creates stunningly realistic recreations of cat heads crafted out of needle-felted wool, made a beautiful portrait in the memory of Koh-chan, a beloved stray cat who was rescued from starvation by a kind human. Wakuneco had previously created a portrait of Cha-kun, another stray cat who was also saved by the same person and felt that Koh-chan should have one too.

The owner who asked me to create “Cha-kun” had another cat called “Koh-chan” who recently went to heaven. I found “Cha-kun” the red tabby which I created in 2018 in my hands again…I wanted to see them side by side and make small adjustments so I asked the owner to send me Cha-kun. They were both stray cats. Both cats were taken in at different times but were both suffering severely from starvation when they were found. With much love and care from the owner, both cats found themselves very happy together as a family till their very last day. Cha-kun and Koh-chan were very fortunate to have such a kind-hearted and loving owner take them in.

Here’s the earlier portrait of Cha-kun.

Here are some other examples of Wakuneco’s amazing work.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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