Real World Dance Party at New Work City In NYC


New Work City (who did the Launch Party) is hosting a real world Dance Party on July 28th in New York City. They’ve put out a call for DJ’s, if you are interested in showing off your skills at the party.

We’re going to use to drive a dance party.

Nobody, not even the DJs, will know what song is coming up next. You can forget those parties where a DJ queues up their entire playlist weeks in advance, or simply streams a mix they downloaded off the internet. At this party, the DJs will have to stay on their toes to play a song that mixes well with the one the DJ before them just played. And if they don’t play music people love, they get skipped!

Vote with your feet.

On, people get to rate music by designating a song as “Lame” or “Awesome.” In real life, we don’t have buttons, but what we do have is a dance floor. DJs will be scored by how many people are dancing. If they get more people dancing, they get more points. If people stop dancing, they lose points.
So if you, the dance-craving masses, don’t dig a DJ’s selection, you can vote with your feet. A good song will surely be right around the corner!

via Betabeat

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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