Real Estate Company Creates a Map & Explains Why Portland, Oregon Should Be in the Next ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Video Game

Portland GTA Map

The San Mateo, California-based Movoto Real Estate company has created a rad map and detailed blog post explaining why Portland, Oregon should be the setting of Rockstar Games‘ next Grand Theft Auto video game..

Where should Rockstar take ‘Grand Theft Auto’ next? Milwaukee? The Moon? That’s the real question on everybody’s mind, and we here at Movoto Real Estate Blog think, nay, we know, we’ve found the best answer.

We already proved how much crime pays with our previous trip into the world of GTA, so we’re lending our expertise to help Rockstar make what could be a hard decision quite easy. Are you ready for it? Sitting down? Brace yourself. ‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ needs to be set in Portland, OR. (read more)

image via Movoto Real Estate

via GameSpot

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