Trained Rats Play a Competitive Game of Basketball

A couple of trained white rats named Spice and S’more played against each other in an adorable but competitive game of basketball on a court that their human Esther specially designed for their petite size. Whenever one of the rats put the ball through the hoop, she would receive a treat. Being that there was only one ball, the two little rodents had to ensure to maintain possession of it as much as possible.

Two sister rats named Spice (white rat) and S’more (orange rat) playing basketball. Both girls are around 2 years old and know their own hoop side, which they bring the ball to each time for a treat. At the end Peaches (the sisters’ mother) can be seen wandering over.”

Rat Basketball

Both Spice and S’more trained hard for this game.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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