Man Performs Gnossienne No. 1 on Recorder Through a Birdhouse With the Help of an 18th Century Hand

Filmmaker Sean Reynard has created and embodied a rather interesting bespectacled, short-banged character he named Quentin Smirhes. As it turns out, Smirhes just launched his own YouTube channel and with it, an amazing array of surreal videos.

One such video features a slightly befuddled Smirhes playing Gnossienne No. 1 by experimental artist Erik Satie on recorder with accompaniment by a Birdbox Orchestra. Guiding Smirhes through the song was a mysteriously pale hand belonging to an apparently insistent teacher from the 18th century.

Other videos include “Quentin Joins the Tongue Choir” (previously), “Quentin’s Parsnip Nose” and “Quentin at the Barbershop Doctors”

via Neatorama