A Handy Pull-String Fire Starter That Doesn’t Need Matches, Tinder or Kindling to Get a Fire Started

Pull Start Fire is a wonderfully appropriate name for a product that declares exactly what it is, a handy fire starter that is ignited with a simple pull on a red string. The device sparks and after a very short bout of smoke, a reasonable flame arises and easily lights the surrounding logs without the need for matches, tinder or kindling. The fire will burn for about 30-45 minutes on its own. The device works in a variety of climates and weather environments that would otherwise be hostile to lighting a fire.

We’ve been there. Picking up logs and branches off the ground. They’re wet, freshly cut, or even frozen. Trying to pull apart logs to make some kindling. Meticulously placing every piece. Swearing it wasn’t this windy five minutes ago. Hoping that the wax brick will actually stay lit this time.

Taras Kul the “Crazy Russian Hacker” (previously) shared that he had a very easy time with using it.

Pull Start Fire Box

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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