Pug Mask, A Latex Mask So You Can Look Like a Dog


Archie McPhee recently released a Pug Mask, a latex mask designed so you can look like a cute dog. It is similar to the other humorous animal masks they offer, like the Creepy Pig, the Pigeon, and the Magical Unicorn.

This mask smells better than actual pug wrinkles
No one can be angry at you while you’re wearing this latex Pug Mask. Just point your giant, sorrowful eyes and tilt your oddly-shaped head, and all the adults within range will be trying to feed you snacks and rub behind your ears. This is a full-sized adult mask that is sure to be a hit at the dog park. It is so realistic that as soon as you put it on, you’ll feel the urge to snort, beg for food and dress up as a portly, sad bumblebee.