Beautiful Footage of an Iridescent Jellyfish-Like Deep Sea Creature Nicknamed the ‘Psychedelic Medusa

While exploring the waters off Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, the NOAA scientists aboard the Okeanos Explorer caught sight of a glittery crossota millsae. This brilliant hydrozoa (often mistaken as a jellyfish), was given the name “Psychedelic Medusa” for its changing iridescence. The colors became evident as the medusa floated along the current of the deep sea, contrasting beautifully with the blue-green waters.

Some deep-sea fireworks, in the form of a Rhopalonematid jelly (Crossota millsae)! Imaged in a very interesting natural pose by the remotely operated vehicle Deep Discoverer’s cameras in waters south of La Parguera on the southwestern shore of Puerto Rico at a depth of 1,015 meters (3,330 feet).