Matt LeBlanc Tells Jimmy Fallon About the Props He Stole From the ‘Friends’ Set After the Series Ended

While promoting the latest season of his CBS series Man With a Plan, the wonderful Matt LeBlanc, who will always be known our hearts as the charming, childlike Joey Tribbiani, shared with The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon on, exactly which props he stole from the set after the Friends ended and why.

You know how in Joey and Chandler’s apartment we had the foosball table? I have the actual ball from the table.The foosball. I mean, it’s –I have it in my toolbox somewhere. Why it’s in my toolbox, I don’t know. But I ended up with the foosball. And the other thing I took was, you know the Magna Doodle that was on the back of the apartment door? It always had things written on it? Well, there was — so I clipped that at the end…there was this one guy, Paul, on the crew that he was the one that always drew whatever was on there. …So I stole it and gave it to him, so he’s got it.

LeBlanc also shared a funny story about his audition for the Joey Tribbiani role.

Later in the show, Fallon surprised LeBlanc with a clip from his first acting job in New York City, a PSA for the US Constitution. LeBlanc laughed about his curly hair, how much he got paid and what it cost to join the union.