Project Enterprise, A Fundraising Campaign by the Team That Built the ‘Star Trek’ USS ‘Enterprise’ to Rebuild It

Project Enterprise is a fundraising campaign by the team that designed and built the USS Enterprise for Star Trek: The Motion Picture to rebuild the ship. Designers Richard Taylor and Jim Dow have joined with artist Paul Olsen, who painted the original ship, to start the project, which the team estimates will take 18 months and cost a “considerable sum of money.”

Once built, the goal is to tour the finished Enterprise starting at an unnamed Las Vegas casino. Although a specific monetary goal is not mentioned, the team writes on the project site that any funds raised beyond those needed to complete the project will be used to offer scholarships for future model makers to attend Art Center in Pasadena, California. The team is offering various rewards for different levels of support including books, signed photos, blueprints, and even visits to the shop where the new Enterprise will be built.

project enterprise


images via Project Enterprise

via People, MightyMega