Professor Elemental Launches an Indiegogo Campaign for a New Music Video to Fight Bullies and Internet Trolls

Steampunk musician Professor Elemental (see previously) has launched an Indiegogo campaign to fight bullies and Internet trolls with a new music video for his song “Don’t Feed the Trolls.” The campaign is seeking £3,500 to film the video, and any additional funds raised will be divided between the three charities Ditch the Label, Audioactive, and The Young People’s Centre which work to prevent bullying and help young people who have been affected by it.

The campaign offers rewards like special art prints, appearances in the video, and special “Thank you” messages from Professor Elemental himself. Or for £100,000 Professor Elemental promises to put his rap career on hold and work solely for that donor for six months.

Professor Elemental will give up rapping for a full six months to concentrate on working solely for you. He will come on holiday with you and your family to the destination of you your choice. He will write and record an album just for you, on the subject of your choosing. He will pretend to like your children and spouse, will laugh at your jokes and will make you tea on request. He will sing and dance for you and will take you out to dinner somewhere nice. Oranutang [sic] not included.

Glen Tickle
Glen Tickle

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