President Obama Tracks Down Journalist in a Coffee House to Console Him About His Mother’s Death

Barack Obama Dave McKenna Mother's Death

In a heartwarming animation, Deadspin journalist Dave McKenna formerly of the Washington City Paper, shared a wonderful story in which then President Barack Obama specifically went to a Washington, DC coffee house to console McKenna about his mother’s death. Former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney had attended McKenna’s mother’s funeral and mentioned her death to his boss. Being that President Obama’s mother died in 1995, he had a good sense of the loss McKenna was feeling.

Here comes Obama. I see him coming the door. He says hello to the manager and then he turns around and he starts heading right for me …he starts talking. He puts his hand out and he says Jay told me about you I went through this myself. You may not know this, you may not understand this but things will get better. You can’t believe this now, but they will get better.