Pregnant Barbie-Like ‘Mommy To Be Doll’ Featured in Attaboy’s New Show ‘They Actually Made That!?’

1991’s Mommy To Be doll, a sort of Barbie-got-knocked-up toy for young children, is featured in the premiere episode of a fun new show by Attaboy called “They Actually Made That!?” As it turns out, they actually did make “Judith” and you can buy your own Mommy To Be doll (complete with a spring-loaded baby), now considered a collector’s item, on Amazon. You can see more humorous “mutant anamoly products” at the “They Actually Made That!?” Facebook page.

They Actually Made That!? produced by Attaboy is a fun-filled exploration into the worst things mankind has produced! Humans have manufactured some of the most helpful, fun, classic things to enjoy, entertain and plays with, but along the way mutant offshoots and horrible anomalies were manufactured and intended for mass consumption. Passing time has buried these ridiculous treasures, but we’ve found and unearthed them for the unsuspecting viewer. By Attaboy with contributions from Steve “The Peanut Painting” Casino, and Aaron Tompkins and more! Editing and extra help from Kamio!

doll ad

She is more than a toy…

image and video via Attaboy

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips