Precarity, The Inaugural Issue of The New Inquiry Magazine

The New Inquiry Magazine

Today, online literary journal The New Inquiry published their first eMagazine. The issue is entitled “Precarity,” and includes musings on eFame by My Drunk Kitchen’s Hannah Hart and PostSecret’s Frank Warren.

Our debut issue brings together a diversity of voices and perspectives
on the issue of precarity, complete with original design and
illustration by Imp Kerr. The contents include a dialogue between
Hannah Hart of My Drunk Kitchen and Frank Warren of PostSecret
discussing the unprecedented experience and inherent instability of
sudden, unlooked-for interent fame; essays on the plight of temps, the
exploitation of interns and the tenuous use of so-called ‘erotic
capital’ in the workplace; criticism about the precarious-economy
underpinnings for shows like Breaking Bad and Dexter and an advice
column for living in the end times with Michael Seidenberg.

E.D.W. Lynch
E.D.W. Lynch

Writer and humor generalist on the Internet and on Facebook.