POV Video of Two Climbers Being the First to Reach the Upper Section of the 4 Mile High Lunag Ri Mountains

In a new POV video from Red Bull, we can watch as Austrian climber David Lama and his American climbing partner Conrad Anker take on the massive Lunag Ri mountain that is located on the border between Nepal and Tibet. They became the first ever to reach the upper section of the 4-mile high mountain range.

David Lama and Conrad Anker became the first expedition ever to reach the headwall of Lunag Ri, a 6907 meter high mountain located at the border of Nepal and Tibet. The combination of untouched summit and demanding climbing was incredibly difficult from all sides, and the duo made it further than any expedition in years past. Rough weather conditions and limited time kept them from reaching the true summit, but the ascent itself made for one helluva breathtaking experience.