Pounce, A Photo Book of Cats and Kittens Playfully Jumping Into the Air While Stalking Their Prey

Pet photographer and animal rights activist Seth Casteel is known for his amazing work with animals, particularly underwater dogs. Casteel has since published a new book and calendar, both aptly entitled Pounce and features cats and kittens who seemingly fly through the air as they stalk their (toy) prey.

Photographer Seth Casteel’s underwater photographs of dogs and babies have captivated an international audience. Now, Seth has found the perfect way to capture our other best friends: cats! A beautiful, funny gift book with more than 70 previously unpublished photographs, Pounce reveals adorable cats and kittens as they pounce and jump through the air, arms outstretched — all in Casteel’s signature up-close, mid-action style.

via PetaPixel

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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