Potty Putter, Mini Golf to Play in Your Bathroom

“Get a hole in one, while you sit on your bum.”

The Potty Putter is a product geared to men so that they can play mini golf in the bathroom, specifically while sitting on the toilet. The set comes with 2 golf balls, a putter, a door sign that warns ‘Do Not Disturb: Golf game in progress’, a small putting green that wraps around the base of a toilet and a flag stick. It is available to purchase at novelty gift retailer, Baron Bob. Take a look at their promo video which promises that there will be ‘no more reading magazines while on the job…”

The Potty Putter is here to not only make your time in the bathroom more enjoyable but to also improve your golf game. This hysterically fun bathroom game is all you need to become the Tiger Woods of the Toilet. As you’re sitting there doing your thing, just grab a putter line up the shot and try to make it into the hole. This is one of the greatest gag gifts we have found to give to the golfer in your life.

Potty Putter