Artist Creates Remarkable Portrait Made Up of 182,336 Dots That He Counted As He Drew Them

Artist Trương DP, who previously used torn paper to make a portrait in honor of late Vietnamese actor Hoàng Dúng, used a pen to draw a pointillist portrait made up of a remarkable 182,336 dots. The artist kept track of the number with their left hand while drawing the dots with their right hand. This process took more than a week to finish and track.

I drew and counted the dots in my drawing. It took me more than 7 days to mark 182336 and finish this drawing. I use click software to count the number of dots. My right hand is drawing and my left hand is clicking at the same time, to accurately count the number of dots on a drawing.

182336 Dot Drawing

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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