Amusing Pop Culture Greeting Cards

Heather Buchanan Card Picard Tea

Canadian artist Heather Buchanan creates wonderfully amusing illustrated greeting cards that feature all sorts of pop culture references and a whole lot of puns. Buchanan states that she loves making people smile and hopes to inspire others.

think it’s really cool when we all just work to inspire and delight each other. So hopefully I have made some things that make you smile and make you want to pick up a pencil and make goofy stuff of your own.

These cards and other merchandise are available through Buchanan’s Etsy shop.

Heather Buchanan Card Adam Driver

Heather Buchanan Card Keanu Believe It

Heather Buchanan Card Darth Vader

Heather Buchanan Card I Leia Wake

Heather Buchanan Card Let's Turn It Up tot 11

via The Awesomer