A Flawless Instrumental Cover of The Police Song ‘Walking on the Moon’ Played on Harpejji and Drums

French musician Mathieu Terrade, who previously performed a somber cover of the iconic song “Bohemian Rhapsody” on a beautiful Harpejji G16, partnered with talented percussionist Tom Drevet to perform a spot-on cover of “Walking on the Moon” by The Police. Terrade beautifully tapped out both the bass and guitar parts, while Drevet flawlessly executed Stewart Copeland‘s complicated triplet-based time signature.

“Walking on the moon” avec l’excellent Tom Drevet !

Drevet stated that he was honored to play the song.

Here is an extract of the collab that I did with the great Mathieu Terrade! …I had the pleasure to play the drum part of the master Stewart Copeland

Here’s the original version of the song.

via The Awesomer