A 3D Comparison of Pokémon Characters Matched With Real Animals of the Same Weight

Popular Science compiled an amusing 3D animation that compares individual Pokémon characters matched wtih wild and domestic animals of the same weight class. The weight of the fictional characters was determined using the Pokédex on a Nintendo Gameboy and measured against real animals weighing about the same.

If Pokémon existed in the wild, which animals would be in their weight class? We used the Pokédex to find the exact weights of 11 of our favorite Pokémon, and then we matched them up in a 3D comparison with animals that share the same weights.

For example, Pikachu is about the same weight as a Sphynx cat albeit a different shape.

Pokémon size doesn’t factor in to the calculations — it’s all about their weights and how the animals would match up to them in nature. What would happen to a Pokemon in real life if it came across its counterpart? Would Pikachu and a Sphynx cat be friends, and if not… who would win in battle?

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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