Dutch Company Plans Release of a Plant-Based Steak That Looks, Smells and Tastes Like Real Meat

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In 2016, we wrote about the Impossible Burger (and more so since then), specifically how the company was able to recreate not only the taste and smell of a beef burger, but also the juicy texture and the unique mouth-feel of the experience. The Dutch company Vivera has created a similar experience with their yet to be released, vegan plant-based beef steak. Vivera sales manager Gert Jan Gombert spoke with Business Insider about their plans to roll out the product in the Netherlands and around Europe.

We’ll formally announce the supermarkets in which it will be available in a few weeks time but I can say now that almost everyone seems interested. …As a founding member of the Green Protein Alliance, we think it’s especially important to work together on the transition from animal to vegetable proteins. We’ve only achieved a few percent in relation to meat.

Veggie Steak

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