Pizza Guitar, Andrew W.K.’s Custom Pizza Slice Electric Guitar

Pizza Guitar

image via Andrew W.K

ESP Guitars custom built the Pizza Guitar, an electric guitar for Andrew W.K that looks like a New York Style Pizza Supreme Deluxe slice. The guitar is hand-painted by Andrew and includes all his favorite pizza toppings: extra-spicy garlic marinara sauce, double mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, black olives, green peppers, mushrooms, and jalapeno peppers. Created by the Native BMX leather crew, his guitar strap reads “PARTY”. In this video by Pitchfork Weekly, Andrew describes his custom guitar and plays it at Famous Ray’s Pizza in New York City.

In a statement on the guitar W.K. said, “For over 8 years, I dreamed of creating a guitar made out of a slice of pizza supreme. This dream has finally come true, thanks to the incredible ESP guitar company. I first remember meeting with ESP in Japan, back in 2003, and I think they thought I was a little crazy. Well, they were right… I’m crazy like a pizza! After years of design, hand-crafting, and fine-tuning, the amazing guitar masters at ESP have finished the world’s first ever pizza shaped guitar, and it’s as beautiful as it is delicious.”


image via Native BMX

Pizza Guitar