Pirate Cat Radio Antenna Needs a Home

Pirate Cat Radio

Everyone’s favorite San Francisco micro radio station, Pirate Cat Radio (87.9 FM) is searching for a new location for their antenna. This was just sent to us by DJ Pica:

The Pirate Cat Antenna has been down for several months. We are desperately looking for a roof to mount it to. High elevation is preferred but that this point we will take any roof in SF. Please keep pirate radio going in the Bay. Roof access and an existing DSL is required. We have seedy lawyers that write fancy contracts that will keep you from getting in trouble with the FCC.

Pirate Cat Radio 87.9 FM wants to use your empty closet space to house a transmitter.

What the space needs:

3 – 4 feet of space
An elevated location with a good view of SF and or the eastbay from the roof

What Pirate Cat Radio will give you in exchange:

$40 a month or we’ll pay for your DSL line

You’ve always wanted to help Christian Slater defeat the FCC baddies in Pump Up the Volume. Now is your chance. Don’t talk about Free Speech, do something about it.

If you can help, contact: piratecatradio [at] yahoo [dot] com

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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