Rescued Piglet Goes to Sleep With a Big Teddy Bear

An abandoned little piglet named Cashew, rescued by Rian Feldman of Uncle Neil’s Home (UNH), found that he could only go to sleep in the company of a giant teddy bear that kept him company while he was being quarantined. Cashew, who had been surviving alone in the woods, came to the sanctuary in terrible condition. Yet somehow, he knew he was safe.

The first thing I did, I gave him some water. He chugged the entire bowl right away and gave him a little bit of food. He had a skin infection. He had completely flopped over to the ground and really surrendered and knew that he was being cared for…and after that I set him up with all of these blankets and a really big soft teddy bear..He was so excited about that bear he would just run around and jump on top of it.

Cashew has since recovered and has been introduced to the rest of the pigs at UNH. According to Feldman, Cashew is very happy

The day that he was finally able to meet everybody else at the sanctuary, he went outside and he immediately ran right up to some of the pigs and he was sniffing them. He was just so excited. Then he finally went into the pasture with the piggies and he absolutely loved them.

Rescued Piglet Teddy Bear
Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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