Photos: The 2012 FEI Electron Microscope Photo Contest

2012 FEI Electron Microscope Photo Contest

Embryonic zebrafish, photo by David McCarthy

Electron microscope manufacturer FEI recently partnered with National Geographic to host a photo contest for images captured with electron microscopes. The contest ran from June to October and you can browse more than 230 amazing images in the contest photo gallery. Monthly winners can be viewed here—the grand prize winner will be announced soon.

Swimmers on the beach

Nano swimmers, photo by David McCarthy

nano-pyramid supported by a log

Nano pyramid, photo by Dongchan Jang

Curved silica crystals, photo by Oliver Meckes


Graphite, photo by Carbajo Maria

Platinum oxide eyes

Platinum oxide, photo by Diana Garcia-Alonso

Flower Garden

Contact Side of an Infra Red Detector Array, photo by Sedat Canli

Tardigrade, photo by Oliver Meckes

Isolation of a sub-micron pre-solar grain

Isolation of a sub-micron pre-solar grain, photo by Zia Rahman

Sponge spicules

Sponge spicules, photo by Miranda Waldron

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