Photos: Products Found in Grocery Stores in Iceland

Icelandic Whale Jerky, Iceland 2013

Icelandic Minke Whale Jerky

During my recent visit to Iceland, I took the opportunity to photograph many of the interesting products found on the shelves of the grocery stores of its capital city of Reykjavik. I previously posted about Cool American Doritos, now here’s a look at some more of the things I spotted including Pussi canned cat food and bags of Californiu Rúsínur.

Viking Snack Tasty Dried Fish, Iceland 2013

Viking Snack Tasty Dried Fish

12 Fersk Stjornuegg, Iceland 2013

12 Fersk Stjörnuegg

Pussi canned cat food, Iceland 2013

Pussi canned cat food

Skyr, Iceland 2013


Nestle Baby Food, Iceland 2013

Jars of Nestle baby food

Pylsusinnep, Iceland 2013

Pylsusinnep, An Icelandic hot dog mustard (love the anthropomorphic hot dog!)

Icelandic Hot Dog sign, Iceland 2013

A sign explaining the significance of the Icelandic hot dog

Californiu Rusinur, Iceland 2013

Californiu Rúsínur

Ora brand canned vegetables, Iceland 2013

Ora brand canned vegetables

Corny snack bars, Iceland 2013

Corny snack bars

Dr. Beckmann and Mr Muscle, Iceland 2013

Dr. Beckmann and Mr Muscle cleaning products

Tyrkist Peber, Iceland 2013

Tyrkist Peber lollipops

Ungnautahakk, Iceland 2013


Luxury Cat cat litter, Iceland 2013

Luxury Cat Kattegrus (cat litter)

See more photos from my Iceland trip at my Flickr page.

photos by Rusty Blazenhoff