Photographer Secretly Captures a Marriage Proposal

the proposal

Texas-based photographer Patrick Lu was biking home with his friend Megan Vo when Vo spotted a couple in the middle of a marriage proposal on the lawn of the Austin’s capital building. Lu wasted no time pulling out his camera to secretly capture the heartwarming moment. This is the amazing shot he took (which has now gone all over the world).

The story gets even better. Lu then posts the image on reddit with the question, ‘Did any of you propose at the capital last night?’ and sure enough, it found its way to Joel Bush, the very-surprised future groom.

He responded on reddit:

Yep, you found us. Amazing. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.
What an incredible photo. Thanks, Patrick.
What a gift you’ve all given us.

We wish all the best to both Joel and his future wife, Jen.

photo by Patrick Lu

via PetaPixel