Photographer Creates Wonderfully Detailed Dining Scenes for the Hungry Squirrels Who Visit Her Yard

Photographer Ashly Deskin has created a truly wonderful series about the squirrels who visit her patio and dine within various highly detailed scenes she’s created. The squirrels Luna and Neville and others are not pets, but rather a free roaming group of sciuridae who know they can always come home to a good meal in a decorous dioramic setting made just for them. Deskin became inspired to photograph squirrels after she found a pair of injured squirrels in her yard. Deskin rushed them to a veterinarian, but they were sadly beyond help. The incident left a big impression on Deskin, who began to to watch the daily life of squirrels coming in and out of her yard and started taking pictures. Deskin turned this photo series into a calendar and into postcards, which are both available through her Etsy store.

We live in an area with many squirrels. They are always around us. They live in the trees outside of our home. We have even been able to witness momma squirrels building their nests in these trees. Recently the squirrels starting exploring our patio. We starting leaving almonds for them a couple times a week. This eventually lead to two main squirrels visiting us throughout the week. We call them Neville and Luna. I ended up setting a little “dining room” for them one day and received such a great response I decided to set up many more sets and turn it into a fun 2017 calendar. Every scene you see is created by me from handmade props to household decor.

via Neatorama