Human Sculptures Made Out of Discarded Machinery Parts That Look Like They’ve Been Blown Away

“Blown Away” is a stunning series of sculptures by British artist Penny Hardy. Each sculpture is that of a life-sized human made out of discarded machine parts. These recycled parts were strategically positioned to make it appear that half their bodies have been blown away by a severe wind. While the sculptures are completely static, they appear to have a distinct sense of movement and emotion.

In an interview with My Modern Met, Hardy explained how her choice of materials helped express her intentions.

By using discarded man-made metal items—which have been so skillfully made and used to create their own mechanical energy—I hope to extend their life in another form, re-use that energy for a different purpose, and exchange their function to create a new entity. …The sense of movement and dynamics within sculpture provides it with its own life and vitality.

via My Modern Met

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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