‘PBS Idea Channel’ Explores Whether Taylor Swift’s Writing Is the Source of Her Power

PBS Idea Channel host Mike Rugnetta recently explored whether Taylor Swift’s writing it the source of her power. Specifically, Rugnetta delves into the idea and cultural implication that it is surprising when a woman in the music industry writes her own songs, what that means, and whether the widespread knowledge of Taylor Swift writing her own songs explains the aura of authenticity that seems to surround her and her work.

Check your cynicism at the door!! We’re talkin’ bout Taylor Swift today. The mega-popstar seems to be OWNING the music industry lately, with her killer new album 1989, her decreeing of Spotify’s deficiency, and her general awesomeness and authenticity. Connected to that authenticity, much has been noted about Swift writing her own music, so could her power of the pen be the very source of her industrial power?!