Patrick Stewart Helps The Count Get Number One Back to Its Proper Place on 1996 Episode of ‘Sesame Street’

On a 1996 episode of Sesame Street, a distressed Count von Count was having a bit of trouble corralling a naughty number one. The quarrelous integer insisted upon hiding amongst the other numbers, making it difficult for The Count to count.

Luckily, Sir Patrick Stewart was nearby, having just performed a wonderful Shakespearean soliloquy on the letter ‘B’, with an offer to help. He simply uttered, “Make It So Number One”, one of Captain Picard‘s most famous lines from Star Trek: The Next Generation and the feisty number one was back in its proper place without any questions.

Count, maybe I can be of some assistance. …You want the one in its place, right? … ‘Make It So Number One’. …I’ve had a little practice at it.

Make It So Number One

via Miss Cellania

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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