Pastry Chef Creates a Gourmet Version of the Iconic Oreo Cookie That Stays True to Its Original Charm

In her ongoing quest to create gourmet versions of popular foods, Senior Food Editor and pastry chef Claire Saffitz of the Bon Apétit series Gourmet Makes, found her sweet spot in creating a gourmet version of the iconic Oreo cookie while staying true to its original charm. These charms include the distinctive snap of the cookie, the taste and texture of the filling, ability to stand up to milk and its “turnability”, all of which were met with flying colors. This project only took Saffitz a few days and left her weekend free.

So the cookie has a great snap to it. It’s very very dry. The filling is pretty firm even at room temperature, also an indication that there’s no butter in it. It’s truly one of the most perfect snack foods ever invented.