Pastry Chef Attempts to Replicate the Distinctive Taste of a Snickers Bar in a Much Healthier Gourmet Version

Original Snickers vs Gourmet Snickers Claire Saffitz Bon Appetit

For her ongoing quest to make healthier versions of junk food, pastry chef Claire Saffitz of the Bon Apétit series Gourmet Makes attempts to recreate that distinctive salty-sweet-chewy taste of a classic Snickers bar. After spending a bit of time on the nougat to peanut ratio, Saffitz successfully created a healthier gourmet version that was almost perfect.

Nougat. Caramel. Peanuts. Chocolate. The building blocks of a Snickers bar. Each taken alone is simple enough (well maybe not the nougat), but together they become a different monster.