Pacific Brewing Laboratory, San Francisco Microbrewery That Specializes in Unusual Beers

Pacific Brewing Laboratory is a San Francisco microbrewery that specializes in esoteric beers made from unusual ingredients like hibiscus, lemongrass, and Sichuan peppercorn. The brewery began in a small garage in the SOMA neighborhood, where founders Bryan Hermannsson and Patrick Horn began experimenting with recipes and giving away beer to their friends back in 2009. In December, 2011, Pac Brew Lab beers began showing up at San Francisco Bay Area bars and restaurants—the beers are now available in over 60 Bay Area locations. Bay Area beer drinkers should keep a sharp lookout for Squid Ink India black ale and Nautilus hibiscus saison, both of which are delicious.

For more on Pacific Brewing Laboratory, see this “Meet The Makers” video by Winnie Wong.

Pacific Brewing Laboratory

Founders Bryan Hermannsson and Patrick Horn, photo via Pacific Brewing Laboratory

Pacific Brewing Laboratory, San Francisco Microbrewery

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