Curious Otters Adorably React to a Soap Bubble Gun

Two rather curious and sometimes mischievous pet otters named Kotaro and Hana were taken outside by their devoted humans to find out how they would react to a soap bubble gun that was made for dogs.

My otters have seen bubbles before but they seem surprised seeing a bubble gun for the first time.

Otters React to Bubble Blower

At first, the lutrine pair were a bit unsure of the bubbles, especially since they smelled like peanut butter. After a while, however, Kotaro became more comfortable with both the gun and the bubbles and wanted to know how they worked. Hana decided to opt out completely.

Assistant Hana is wary of unknown objects. …Professor Kotaro’s reasearch on these mysterious bubbles will continue.

Kotaro Inspects Bubble Gun