Octopus, A Beautiful Mosaic Sculpture Built by MariaLuisa Tadei

Octopus by MariaLuisa Tadei

International artist MariaLuisa Tadei created a beautiful mosaic Octopus sculpture that is currently being displayed on Thomas More Square at the St Katherine Docks in London. Her sculpture is made up of hand cut colored glass tiles that were all pieced together as a mosaic over top of a concrete and steel frame.

Octopus is the first of two installations by MariaLuisa Tadei at the Land Securities site on public display in London. The scheme is the product of a unique partnership between Land Securities and Hay Hill Gallery.

Andrew Sell, Asset Manager Director at Land Securities, commented: “We are delighted to welcome Octopus to Thomas More Square – Marialuisa Tadei is one of the most exciting young sculptors now working on the world stage and it is a great coup to have such a significant installation on show at Thomas More Square.”

Octopus by MariaLuisa Tadei

images via ArtDaily and Sweet Station

via ArtDaily, Sweet Station