Occult New York, A Supernatural Walking Tour

Mitch Horowitz, author of Occult America, conducts supernatural walking tours in New York City that explore its “role in igniting the occult revival and the revolutions in alternative spirituality that swept America (and the world) from the nineteenth century to the present day”. Documentarians of the strange and unique, The Midnight Archive, has profiled Mitch and his tour in an episode of their web series, Occult New York.

In this – part 1 of the tour – we learn about our old time New York pals talking to spirits, channeling the dead and getting in touch with our ascended masters. If you are in NYC Mitchey-boy gives a fabulous live walking tour through The Brooklyn Observatory (hosted by the fabulous Pam Grossman of http://phantasmaphile.com). Its worth the schlep… this is just a little taste.