Nuggs 2.0, Plant-Based Chicken Nuggets

Simulate has released Nuggs 2.0, a more advanced version of their plant-based chicken nuggets. This new version is lower in sodium, higher in fiber, and tastes more like real chicken than ever before.

Our new release is the most advanced chicken nugget simulation yet. NUGGS 2.0 is equipped with texture and flavor that is close to indistinguishable from animal-based nuggets. With more fiber and less sodium than our previous version.

Photographer Noah Kalina (previously) reviewed both the 1.6 release and the 2.0 release and agrees this version is far better than the last.

Long story short, NUGGS 2.0 are considerably better than NUGGS 1.6. I paired them with Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce because that’s the only sauce worth saucing, but these are good enough you could eat them without sauce. If I had friends, and I was hosting a dinner party, I would serve these to them for dinner.

Kalina was so impressed that he asked Simulate founder and CEO Ben Pasternak to do an interview. Pasternak spoke about his history, his entree into plant-based foods, his take on what makes NUGGS different from other foods, and what makes them alike.

All food is processed. We can not feed everyone without processing food. While highly processed food has a bad reputation due to the deterioration of nutrition – we are a pro process company. We believe that by processing food, we can turn food that a certain type of person might not want to eat – into something that the same person does want to eat – which is ultimately good for the planet. Seems pretty good to me. Also, the idea that animal-based meat is not processed is simply false. …We are always iterating on our products and making them better. Primarily, new extrusion technology enables NUGGS 2.0 big improvements.