A Clever Ice Cream Treat That Looks Like Fried Chicken

Chef Cynthia Wong of Life Raft Treats created a whimsical treat that looks like savory fried chicken but is actually made of sweet ingredients such as ice cream, chocolate, cookie, and cornflakes.

This fan-favorite features waffle ice cream coated in white chocolate, is topped with cornflakes, and even features a hidden chocolate-covered cookie “bone” in the center. 

This “Not Fried Chicken” treat is just one of Wong’s clever ice cream reinterpretations of classic American food. Other items include TV Dinners, Thanksgiving turkeys, doughnuts, and even a good ole Southern Lowcountry boil.

Life Raft celebrates the ice cream truck goodies of yesteryear by reinventing them with humor and artisan techniques. They make delicious ice cream and treats with excellent, locally-farmed dairy, eggs, and produce.

via Moss and Fog

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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